Plan your move beforehand to avoid last minute panic. Take out things from

basements and attics and dispose off stuff that you will not need in the new home. A

garage sale is a good way to get rid of surplus and earn money at the same time. When

taking the help of a moving company it's a good idea to consult with your employer as to

what part of the expenditure they cover.

Get a detailed list of all the moving costs and review it with Movemart Relocation and schedule the day of moving as far in advance as possible. Packing can be a time-taking process and require a lot of thought and planning. When packing, furniture should be dealt with, first. Get rid off stuff that is worn down or needs replacement. A floor plan of the new house would help you evaluate things better. Drapes, curtains and rugs should be cleaned and packed well in advance. Don't try to move perishable food items and beverages. They take up unnecessary space and probably won't survive the ride.

Discard clothes that you don't need. Donating them to charity shops is always a good

idea. You should make it a point to inform all service providers, like gas and electricity

about the impending change in address. Electrical goods and appliances should be

wrapped in their original packaging if possible. Pack dishware between layers of paper to

avoid breakage.

Glassware and crystals should be stuffed with tissue and then covered on the

outside with layers of corrugated or plain paper. Always place these in an upright

position, never on the sides. Don't attempt to take the unnecessary risk of packing

aerosol cans and flammable substances. Change in pressure and temperatures can cause

them to burst or catch fire. Power tools, automobiles should be drained of fuel.

Disconnect batteries of your vehicles while moving them. You should get your finances in

order before the moving day- paying pending bills, closing bank accounts, and gathering

documents for opening new ones.

It's a good idea to find out details about insurance plans for your move. You have two basic options to choose from: All risk coverage, which covers your goods from any and every kind of damage and Total loss insurance which can be claimed only in case of total loss of your shipment. Most companies don't provide all risk coverage if the packaging is done by the owner of the goods. Taking the help of household goods moving services can help you save a lot of time, energy and reduce your anxiety and expenditure. Sensible planning and foresight can make the moving process smooth and tension free experience for you and your family.

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All major credit cards accepted for moving expenses
All major credit cards accepted for moving expenses
All major credit cards accepted for moving expenses
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